Build a beautiful website you love … with ease

(No design or tech skills needed, just a 'can-do' attitude)

Site Setup Kit is a comprehensive online course that gives you the know-how, tools and ongoing support to create and maintain a stunning website.

Sites like Copyblogger, LKR Social Media, and HarrisonAmy recommend Site Setup Kit to small business owners.
As seen on Copyblogger, LKR Social Media, and HarrisonAmy

How does it work?

Site Setup Kit contains 5 in-depth modules that guide you through the process of setting up a website using WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use website platforms for small businesses.

Simple tools, templates and training guides give you everything you need to build a site to reflect your personality and unique business brand.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to get their site going and looking fabulous. You don’t need to spend an eternity tinkering around with the dozens of WordPress and Prose settings because Site Setup Kit will guide you through it! – Paulina Cioce

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a business owner, freelancer or hobbyist who wants a great-looking site that you have complete control over.
  • You want a site that’s easy to manage without learning a coding language, or going to night-school web design classes.
  • You want more than a “technical guide.” You want comprehensive instructions in plain English, and support when you need it.

If so, Site Setup Kit is perfect for you.

An alternative to expensive design and time-intensive trial and error

If you’ve been frustrated by not having a site, or having one you can’t stand, you’ve probably thought about:

  • Paying for a designer and developer
  • Spending time trying to figure website design out for yourself

We found small business owners wanted something in the middle:

A way to build and design a website without hiring a design team, or spending hours trawling the Internet for how-to guides.

At $397 for the core course, Site Setup Kit is a bargain compared to hiring your own designer and developer, which can run into the thousands of dollars.

And with start-to-finish guides conveniently organized in one place, it’s much easier than bookmarking hundreds of Internet sites as you search for information relevant to you.

Build from scratch, or give your existing website a style overhaul

The Site Setup Kit modules are laid out so you can work through each stage in order, or dip in and out as you need them.

If you’re starting from the very beginning, you’ll be guided through how to choose a domain name, register your site, find hosting and get it live.

And if you already have a site, you can jump straight into making it look and perform beautifully!

This is the single most helpful product I have ever seen to support the “not-so-techie” folks. – Lee Miller

How do current Site Setup Kit owners use the course?

Site Setup Kit owners have used the course and tools to achieve a range of exciting projects which we love to feature in our Wall of Fame.

Some of their accomplishments include:

  • Created a professional looking website from scratch (including content) in just 9 days
  • Designed a site that grows as the business expands
  • Set up a site to sell products directly to customers
  • Managed multiple blogs and static content without the site looking cluttered

And some of results they’re seeing?

  • A site that’s easy and quick to update (no website company needed)
  • Improved traffic
  • Better search engine rankings
  • More confidence in promoting their business or project

These are small-business owners who didn’t start out as experts, or even intermediate users. Many of them had never put a website together in their lives! Yet now they’re enjoying polished and professional web presences that they created themselves from start to finish.

The new site already has great stats — almost 2000 visitors in the last month with an average visitor stay of 10 minutes. So people are definitely finding the site and staying on it once they find it. – Ellyn Davis

Why does it work so well?

Wendy Cholbi, tech expert, and Pamela Wilson, designer.

Wendy Cholbi, tech expert, and Pamela Wilson, designer.

We’re Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson.

We’ve spent years helping people improve their design and technical skills through easy-to-follow guides, templates and checklists.

With Site Setup Kit we wanted to create a comprehensive website resource you can work through at your own pace, with the personal feel of having a coach on hand to help.

This has been money well spent. Wendy and Pamela thought of almost everything you need on a project from cradle to grave! I appreciate the additional direction you both provide me at times when I am just stuck. – Brian Childers

Wendy is a web expert who translates tech jargon into plain English, empowering regular people to take control of their own websites.

Pamela is an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant who teaches small business owners how to take their branding and marketing into their own hands.

Between the two of us we’ve met too many small business owners who are struggling with their websites. Something that should be a source of pride (and customers) is instead a source of constant frustration for them.

What technical know-how do you need?

Our owners range in technical and design ability from complete beginners to intermediate users who want to make the most of WordPress and the Prose theme.

We’ve made the information accessible so that you can find what you need quickly and easily, no matter where you start.

I have been a WordPress user for a long time but I still opted to start at the beginning. It is the sort of course where you end up actually understanding what you are doing rather than just following instructions. This makes trying to do your own troubleshooting much easier. – Maggi Birchenough

Why WordPress, Genesis, and premium themes with design controls?

Let’s explain why we’ve decided to focus on using these three tools for Site Setup Kit:

WordPress – This is the free software behind some of the most powerful site on the web today

Genesis – This is a framework. It sits on top of WordPress to give you control of how your website functions.

Premium themes with design controls –Your theme sits on top of Genesis, and affects the way your site looks. When you use a theme with design controls, you can change it to look however you’d like without knowing a single line of code. In Site Setup Kit, we teach the Prose theme and Dynamik Website Builder.

Using these three elements together makes it easier than ever to create a site with powerful flexibility, top-notch security, and sleek design.

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to know any of this now. We help you master all three when you become a Site Setup Kit owner.

I would absolutely recommend Site Setup Kit to anyone wanting to build their own WordPress site as quickly as possible. I had mine up and running in just a couple of weeks. If I’d tried to do that with free online tutorials or books, I’m confident it would have taken me longer and caused a great deal more frustration. – Janine Adams

money-back guarantee

Our “I Love My Website” Guarantee

We stand behind Site Setup Kit 100%. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. But beyond that, we guarantee you’ll have a website you love once you’re done, or we’ll refund your money.

The “No Question Too Small” Guarantee

We know you’ll have questions as you go along. That’s why we have a support forum that’s available to you any time day or night. And we promise to answer any questions you have — no matter how small — carefully and completely, so you understand every aspect of managing your website.

What will you experience?

So, what’s it like actually being a Site Setup Kit owner? What can you do when you open the doors and step inside?

Watch this three-minute video tour to get an exclusive look inside:

Click here to view a sample lesson and explore what’s inside Site Setup Kit

When you first enter Site Setup Kit, you’ll notice lessons are organized into easy-to-use modules. You can choose to begin with the basics by clicking on the wrench image, or you can go straight to the design information by clicking on the paintbrush image. Each lesson features step-by-step instructions, illustrated with screenshots.

When you become a Site Setup Kit owner, here’s what you can expect…

Set your website up right from the start

If you really are starting at the beginning, you’ll love our Foundations guide. You’ll find sections devoted to:

  • How to choose and register a domain name (that’s suitable for your business)
  • How to choose and buy web hosting (from a reputable company)
  • How to get your site “live”
  • How to install WordPress

Get up to speed with the power of WordPress

Once you have WordPress installed, it’s time to take a tour. Even experienced WordPress users have found it really useful to go over the basic tools and settings of WordPress.

We also share with you our recommendations for the best plugins and widgets to have installed (and how to do so) to:

  • Keep your site secure and backed up
  • Make it SEO friendly
  • Protect your site from spam comments
  • Keep you connected to social media

Site Setup Kit is phenomenal. It’s the next best thing to someone coming to your house and holding your hand while you do everything from registering a domain name to launching the site. – Darcy Prince

Outline a plan for your website

In the next module we help you think about how you will be using your site. Once you know this, it’s easier to choose styles, content, and functionality.

From there, we roll up our sleeves, install Genesis and Prose (with full tours of how they work) and then…

Choose and customize your style template

As an owner, you get access to 15 different pre-designed styles.

You’ll also discover how to customize your style until it matches the look and feel you want to have for your business or project.

Below you can see some of the style images you can choose from. Is your business funky? Serious? Polished? Whatever type of personality you want to convey, you’ll find a style to match.

Site Setup Kit Style Warehouse: Pre-Designed Plug-and-Play Website Styles

I needed simple, easy-to-follow instructions that didn’t require a background in web development. So what I liked most was the organization of the kit into modules and steps, plus the clear language in which it’s written without ever being made to feel like an idiot. I also liked having a starting point for the design with the style warehouse. Those saved me a ton of time. I now have a site I’m proud to claim: I did it myself. – Linda Parriot

Create a great user experience with sleek navigation

Every website has different needs. You might want a mixture of static and dynamic content. Maybe you want to separate your site into different product areas. Perhaps you want an interactive area where you can share your latest news on a blog.

Site Setup Kit walks you through how to do all those things.

And it doesn’t matter how many pages of content you add to your site — you’ll learn how to use menus and submenus to create a content-rich site that is easy to navigate.

“Wow” your visitors with a unique, customized header

A well-designed website header stops visitors in their tracks. The top section of your site is the first thing they’ll see, so make it count.

With Site Setup Kit you can do more than simply upload a stock image. We share our tools for making a professional header with tips on designing custom images and text for your logo, site name and tagline.

Use the power of colors, fonts and design options to make an impact!

Choosing the right colors, fonts and design tools can transform the way your website looks. This is one of our most popular Site Setup Kit modules, and it gives you step-by-step design instructions.

What’s more, thanks to Pamela’s years of design experience, you’ll be able to understand:

  • How to choose colors to match the “personality” of your brand
  • Which colors go together, and what effect they have on your website visitors
  • How many colors you need to choose for your website and where to use them
  • Step-by-step instructions for modifying your design settings to create a consistent look and feel on every page of your site

You’ll also understand the science behind choosing fonts for your website and how to create eye-catching textured images to use as the background for your site.

I’m enjoying working through SiteSetupKit. As an educator for 40+ years, I can tell you it provides excellent instruction! Thoughtfully crafted! – Dr. Mark Joyce

Engage your audience with images, video and media files

WordPress gives you the flexibility of using multiple media types on your site. If you’ve ever thought about sharing videos, audio files, special reports, ebooks and whitepapers to attract your customers and build your audience, you’ll find this module very useful.

We walk you through how to upload and share media so that your site is more attractive and engaging to visitors.

Attract visitors with SEO success

At this stage, you’ll have a great-looking website. Your next step is to attract visitors.

We show you which design and site settings help your SEO rankings. Every time you add content to your site, you’ll know it’s in great shape to attract search engine traffic.

Now that you’ve created a beautiful site that’s easy to use, the exciting journey has just begun!

Bonus materials make ongoing changes fast and easy

Site Setup Kit Bonuses

As a Site Setup kit owner, you get access to bonus materials that make ongoing maintenance quick and easy, including:

CSS Snippet Library – you don’t need code to use Site Setup Kit, but we’ve created a library of custom CSS that you can copy and paste to further modify your site.

Prose Design Controls Cheat Sheet, and Dynamik Design Controls Cheat Sheet – Want to change the font size of a sidebar title but can’t remember which setting to use? Simply use the handy cheat sheet for the theme you installed.

Website Style Guide – Record all your style settings in one place so you can reference them quickly for future materials.

You guys are the greatest. You give more than any teacher I’ve ever had. And since I started studying in 1947, that’s saying a lot. Keep up the great work. – Lindsey Allen, Exploring New Media

Live support

In addition to the walk-through guides and worksheets, you also have access to a lively and active online support forum. Wendy and Pamela are on hand in the forum as well as many other bright business owners sharing tips on what works.

Site Setup Kit

What’s inside Site Setup Kit?

Just to remind you, as soon as you purchase, you get instant access to:

Get Started with the Foundation Guide

  • Choosing a domain name
  • Setting up web hosting
  • Linking your domain name with your web hosting account
  • Installing WordPress

Module 1 – Getting to Know WordPress

Module 2 – Planning Your Website

  • Installing Genesis and Child Themes
  • Guided tour of your theme
  • Creating your site’s color palette
  • Using Site Setup Kit styles
  • Your Style Warehouse

Module 3 – Customizing Your Site

  • Custom menus in WordPress
  • Style your custom menus
  • Creating a custom header
  • Inserting your custom header image
  • The landing page template
  • Background colors and images
  • Distinctive fonts for your site
  • Change site and sidebar width

Module 4 – Designing Your Site

  • Genesis plugins
  • Making the most of images
  • Multimedia, audio, video, PDF
  • Custom widgetized home page (for Dynamik)

Module 5 – The Finishing Touches

  • Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • Adding a favicon
  • SEO made simple
  • Consistency builds trust
  • Add email marketing

Bonus Materials

  • CSS Snippet Library (for Prose)
  • Website Style Guide
  • Website Launch Checklist
  • Theme Design Settings Cheat Sheet
  • Style Warehouse
  • Using the Site Setup Kit styles

Site Setup Kit Mastery Forum

  • No question is too small
  • Get help whenever you need it: log on anytime, 24/7
  • Your forum access does not expire: ask questions now, next month, or whenever you need to
  • Meet other Site Setup Kit owners
  • Get inspiration from seeing what others are doing with their websites

Site Setup Kit + Video Training option

If you like learning with video, then you’ll want to choose our video training option. You can watch demonstrations and see Pamela and Wendy talk you through the steps, with additional tips thrown in.

The step-by-step video tutorials complement the Site Setup Kit modules and lessons.

The video tutorials include:

  • How to install Genesis and child themes
  • How to master WordPress navigation menus
  • How to customize your header
  • How to design and lay out your main content area
  • How to arrange, design and use your sidebar(s) and footer area
  • How to make your website look great on any size screen
  • How to set up for SEO success

Site Setup Kit + Video Training + Private Coaching option

If you like want personalized help as you put together your website, add Private Coaching to your purchase. You’ll get two one-hour calls with Wendy, for troubleshooting or personal instruction. Schedule your calls when you need them most: before or during your website creation process.

You’ll benefit from expert tech help and professional design advice from the tech expert behind Site Setup Kit.

Get started today and create a website you love!

Site Setup Kit

Site Setup Kit

Everything you need to create a website you love.

  • 5 modules and more than 25 lessons.
  • Site Setup Kit Mastery Forum so you can get help when you need it.
  • Includes your own copy of the Genesis Framework and two child themes: Prose and Dynamik.
  • 15 pre-designed styles ready for you to download and use.
Buy now for $397
Buy Site Setup Kit for $397

or 3 payments of $137

Site Setup Kit plus Website in a Month

Site Setup Kit + Video Training

Everything in Site Setup Kit, plus 16 hours of Website in a Month video training to walk you through getting your site set up.

  • 5 modules and more than 25 lessons.
  • Site Setup Kit Mastery Forum so you can get help when you need it.
  • Includes your own copy of the Genesis Framework.
  • 20 pre-designed styles ready for you to download and use.
  • Sixteen hours of exclusive video training.
  • Follow along as Wendy and Pamela build a site from scratch.
Buy now for $597
Buy Site Setup Kit plus Website in a Month for $597

or 3 payments of $217

Site Setup Kit plus Website in a Month plus personal coaching

Site Setup Kit, Video Training + Private Coaching

Everything in Site Setup Kit, plus video training and 1-hour private coaching sessions with both Wendy and Pamela.

  • 5 modules and more than 25 lessons.
  • Site Setup Kit Mastery Forum so you can get help when you need it.
  • Includes your own copy of the Genesis Framework
  • 20 pre-designed styles ready for you to download and use.
  • 16 hours of exclusive video training.
  • Follow along as Wendy and Pamela build a site from scratch.
  • Expert tech help in your two hourlong private coaching session with Wendy.
  • Get your specific questions answered, and receive personal guidance from the tech expert behind Site Setup Kit.
  • 1 hour calls with Wendy will be scheduled when you need them most: before or during your website creation process.
Buy now for $897
Buy Site Setup Kit plus Website in a Month plus personal coaching for $897

or 3 payments of $299

Frequently Asked Questions about Site Setup Kit

How many sites can I build with this product?

As many as you want! Our step-by-step instructions and support forum are available whenever you need them, as much as you need them. Many of our Site Setup Kit owners have found that creating new websites is so easy, they’ve built more than one.

What if I am really truly an absolute beginner? If I don’t even know what WordPress is, will I be lost?

Our Foundations module assumes no background knowledge at all, and explains everything you need to know, in plain English. We walk you through domain names, web hosting, and installing WordPress. All the Site Setup Kit lessons are illustrated with screenshots, and you can post on our support forum anytime you need help or clarification.

How long do I have access to the tutorials and support forum?

You get lifetime access. As long as Site Setup Kit exists (and we don’t plan on going anywhere), you’ll be able to read the tutorials and get help on the support forum.

Also, we keep everything inside Site Setup Kit up-to-date, so when a new version of WordPress is released, you will have the latest information.

Can I see examples of websites created using this product?

Yes! We have a whole Wall of Fame devoted to sharing our Site Setup Kit owner success stories. Click here to see the Wall of Fame.

As you browse through these websites, remember that although each one is unique, they all use the same WordPress theme. Inside Site Setup Kit, we demonstrate how to use powerful design controls to ensure that your site will never be a cookie-cutter copy of anyone else’s.

Get started now

P.S. Remember, there’s no risk to you: try Site Setup Kit for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your purchase cheerfully. It’s time for you to have a website you love! Choose your product to get started today. Questions? Email us.